I set this website up when running for Lincolnshire’s PCC on the basis that at least a few people out there might be interested in some of what I think and have to say. I doubt that remains the case but that hasn't stopped my having opinions and a desire to express them. 


However, given that the website is paid for another year at least, the fact that I enjoyed practicing my limited technical skills in building and maintaining it during the election, and hopeful of the possible therapeutic benefits of committing thoughts to print I thought 'why not use it?'.


So here it is - my website resurrected.


I will keep it in blog form, with longer pieces of up to 1000 words/one page of A4 and also the shorter 280 blog format for my more spontaneous outbursts. I will also reinstate some of the blogs I wrote as part of my PCC campaign because there is stuff there which I feel still resonates – with me at least. 


My aim will be to keep things objective and factual but make no promises (especially for the shorter pieces). Some of what I write about I will have some knowledge of. Where I don't I will attempt at least some research. In any event I reserve the right to reflect on and change my views.

So here it is; my thoughts on things that have interested, provoked, frustrated or in other ways intrigued me.

Feel free to comment!