My priorities

Make communities safer through increased visibility and accessibility of the police 

Target anti-social behaviour and drug abuse building on the strong sense of community spirit to provide tailored solutions to local problems

Improve road safety through investment in resources, technology and a programme of road user education and behaviour

To target rural crime, delivering a flexible and adaptable response as well as strong deterrence measures

Tackle violent crime and domestic abuse by addressing the root causes so that no one need fear for their safety in the presence of others

My strategy

Build public trust and confidence in policing ensuring every community across Lincolnshire has a say in the policing priorities for their area

Be ambitious so Lincolnshire’s Police aspire to being one of the highest performing Forces across the country in all respects

Promote best practice and innovation to deliver adaptable, forward looking policing capable of responding quickly to changing priorities and new challenges and opportunities

Place the needs of victims first and at the centre of everything we do

Demand a fairer funding settlement for Lincolnshire’s police, challenging the government to honour its commitment to levelling up 

Lack of funding is not an excuse. It is a reason to be determined


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