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If only they would own their decisions

Updated: Mar 30

An obvious statement really.

But how often do we see those in authority sidestepping the consequences of their decisions where bad outcomes or unintended consequences result?

The trouble with this is not just the dodging of responsibility, it is frequently the resulting reluctance to take action, learn from the ‘mistake’ and put matters right.

Take the Covid legislation for crowd control. The law has been drafted and published. Those who break it should expect to be held to account.

Except it’s not a simple as that. Who really understands the law, every bit of it? How much discretion is there in its interpretation?

And who is at fault where the law is broken and things go wrong? The perpetrators who should know better but had what they saw as a genuine cause and legitimacy?

Or the Police where they are too lenient/too harsh (pick your side and take your pick!).

Well, as Matthew Syed aptly put it in today’s Sunday Times: “try walking in the shoes of a police officer seeking to keep people safe during a pandemic where half of the public think the rules are absurdly onerous and the other half think them hopelessly weak.”

Could be a great opportunity for the politicians to step in and sort it out.

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