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Is there anyone holding PCCs to account?

Updated: Apr 16

Police and Crime Panels apparently.

But what if panels are “a costly waste of time and a massive distraction…worse than a waste of money…a negative drain on resources”? according to one PCC.

Well that’s a worry if their relationship is that bad.

So what’s the alternative. ‘Accountability at the ballot box’ suggests the PCC. ‘The power of recall just like MPs’ they say.

But with only three MPs recalled so far - one unsuccessful (still in the job); one gone for a custodial sentence; and one gone for dodgy expenses - is that really going to work? As far as I can tell no MP has been cited for performance or competence. Are they all competent or is it just that the bar is very high?

Anyway, what is the actual problem with Panels? Aren't they trained well enough? Are they too political? Are they the wrong people? Is it about personalities?

Isn't that all fixable?

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