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It’s official. Deputies do matter!

Updated: Mar 25

The government has published findings from the first part of its review into the role of PCCs. And guess what! In future PCCs will have to appoint a deputy.

The reasoning: to enhance resilience and capacity in order to allow capacity to expand the role into fire; and to allow for a formal succession plan to be put into place to deal with vacancy and incapacitation.

So far so good.

But nothing about expanding the diversity of the office or increasing the ability of the PCC to more effectively represent and relate to the interests of communities. Is that an oversight? Does it matter if the PCC and their deputy are cut from the same cloth or not?

Apparently it does. The Home Office will also bring forward legislation to mandate that each PCC must appoint a Deputy of the same political party where applicable!

That can’t be right can it?

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