• David Williams

When is an Independent not an Independent?

When they’re a member of a political party.

But what if that political party is not political in the traditional sense? What if it doesn't have a manifesto, or profess a political ideology? What if the candidate is not constrained by their association with that party and can be their own person with their own views and agenda? Can they be truly independent?

I suppose the answer has to be NO (technically) but YES in practice.

I decided to stand for PCC following a chat with a colleague. When talking about the PCC election I said I would jump at the chance to apply if it were a normal job application process but I wouldn't stand on a political platform and there was no chance of me succeeding as an independent. The conversation then lead us to where I find myself now!

So for the purposes of this campaign as far as I’m concerned I am the independent candidate for Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. You can choose to disagree if you want to.

I am of course indebted to the Lincolnshire Independents for their support and advice. Without their help I would have no local profile on which to base my campaign, no reach across the county and no help for delivering leaflets and getting my message out. In short there would be no point in my standing against the resources of the established political party candidates.

What do the Lincolnshire Independents get out of it? Increased profile for their brand and the satisfaction of knowing the PCC is an independent who is only concerned with what’s best for Lincolnshire.

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