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Should the PCC be an Independent?

Updated: Mar 30

Political representatives may say that independents will have less leverage than those with political party backing. And anyway (they may go on to say) as political representatives we will always put the interests of our constituents first. And (yes there may be more) constituents will know what our values are without having to ask. And anyway (finally) it's a political appointment so it makes sense for it to be someone who is political.

Independents on the other hand may say that independents are free to follow their conscience without having to persuade their local party association of their suitability. And (they may go on to say) because they are free from political influence they can honestly represent the interests of the public. And finally (for now at least) they are in a position to challenge whichever party is in power (local or national) at any time regardless of political considerations.

There will, I’m sure, be countless more arguments on both sides and relative merits in all of those arguments.

But the key issues when considering who to vote for are surely of trust and competence.

Trust that people and communities can be confident that they are being listened to and represented regardless of anyone's political leanings and that any decision will be made primarily on the basis of community need.

And the competence of the PCC whose prime motivation is to serve their community; who will have the experience, knowledge, skills and determination necessary to do the job; and whose selection is on merit rather than political ideology...

don't you think?

I guess the answer depends on whether you are happy for politics to be a determining factor in who is appointed; or not.

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