It’s easy to look in from the outside and see where and how things could be done better, and all too rare to get the opportunity to step inside and take responsibility


That is why I am standing for Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire; 

To take responsibility and to make a difference


I have no political ambition, agenda or affiliation 


I will never be constrained by allegiance to a local political association 


I will only be motivated by what is best for the communities within Lincolnshire


I will challenge the government to live up to its commitment to level up and provide a fair funding settlement for Lincolnshire Police, and I will keep challenging robustly until that happens


I will bring my extensive leadership, planning and budgetary experience to bear in ensuring the Chief Constable delivers value for money solutions targeted at meeting your needs and expectations  


I will establish Community Advisory Boards which will ensure that every part of Lincolnshire has input  into the drafting of the police and crime plan 

By dedicating myself to these commitments I promise never to be distracted by a desire to criticise, congratulate or defend government policy on ideological or party political grounds. The only grounds that will matter to me are those which are in the best interests of the people and communities of Lincolnshire  


That is why you should vote for me


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